Tough Guy & Strong Arm

tough-guy-&-strong-arm.jpg Sometimes when Street shooting it can be dangerous. You’re just walking around, not minding your own business, and you run into a hardened criminal like this guy.

Tough guy, had a reputation for extreme violence. He  didn’t care that you had a camera, he just wanted it. And if you didn’t oblige him he would beat you down severely.  And then if that wasn’t enough, he’d  have his henchman,”Strong Arm” beat you some more with his deceptively strong homunculuan arm.

To get out of this fix, I just happened to have his favorite candy, a Twix bar.

He also let me leave with My camera. Thank god!

Time Traveler

Chicago 1998  copy 2Dive into it, and get close, but not too close.  Try to make a good picture.  Then keep walking.  As I walk, I try to conger the ghosts of Vivian Meier & Gary Winogrand and hopefully carry on a tradition I love.  I’ve loved being a time traveler.

Chicago is a great city to photograph in. I always loved coming here. It was a lot faster pace from where I grew up in San Diego.  I made this picture in a time before iPhones. I miss those days.

Back In Black

So we’re separated with no women around and we’re drinking vodka from little plastic cups.  And the men break into song.  We seem to be in here for a long time.   My male passport is stamped, so I may as well make a picture or two.  Hope the foods good.  No cheeseburgers here.


My New 35

I Have a 35mm lens again.  This one is my first “R” 35.  And because I dont have a money bush in the backyard I bought the 2.8 instead of the f/2 summicron thats at least $1000.  Yes, even 20+ years after the fall of the Berlin wall you can’t get a summicron for less than a grand.  Unless of course you have a buddy who needs to sell his for $500 to pay rent.  That’s neither here are there though.Hand

No Substitute

Man takes a break from shopping while bird looks on.

Time to take a stance. But I’ve done this before regarding this topic. I LOVE FILM. I love the smell of film, I love the taste of film, and if I wasn’t already married I’d marry film. Film to me just plain looks better. Better than what you ask? Digital.

There, I said it. Film is better than digital. I’ve always felt this & I still do. I agree with Ralph Gibson when he said: ” There have been more images taken in the past 10 years with digital, than in all the history of film based photography, and yet no masterpieces.”

So what do you think?

Chicago sneak peek

Prelude to something horrid or great. You decide.white dress

Magnum the way it was.

Ok. I’ll admit, this post has me guilty of blog poaching from the great Smogranchbut this was too good to pass up. Take an hour and enjoy.
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Sushi Boats In Newton

Sushi Boats In Newton

A Walk In Trees

A Walk In Trees

If you have the chance, walk in the trees. But not if they come up to your knees.

Now This Man Can Shoot

One of the best daily life photographers working today. Enjoy!