Month: February 2010

You Can’t Eat Just One

Tijuana, 1996

And you really can’t. My appetite for these little joys rapped in happiness was usually contained with no less than three, and they were cheap too (two bucks American for a plate).  What a great way to spend time waiting for the next bus to the 5 & 10.  Good thing my Leica was taco-resistant. Viva la sabor!

As I Got Near The Golden Girl

Los Angeles, 1994

Street-shooting in any big city is fun.  Each has it’s own flavor.  This time I was in Downtown LA, trying to walk the tightrope with hopes of pressing the button at the right time.  Remembering that a millimeter in the right way makes all the difference in the world.

Brave New World

Lifeguards training, Pacific Beach, California, 2010

This is a sight I rarely get to see. I live in Southern Nevada. There is sand here, but the ocean is 350+ miles away.

I’m starting this blog for a fairly common reason. Every now and then I’ll have a thought that I feel needs airing. Call me crazy, call me pompous.
Chaos to order is how I like to approach my photography. We’ll see how this goes.