Day: March 4, 2010

Dad Is My Co-pilot

He’s gone by many names for the past 75 years. Ernesto, Ernest, Ernie, Ern, Angus. Whether he’s on a 10 day excursion into Baja or constructing his own retaining wall out of cinderblocks in his back yard, he has never stopped making a life for himself & his family that he loves.

Here’s a man who can take a clunky, unpredictable arc welder he borrowed from a farmer in the middle of Baja California and fix his crippled trailer by welding scraps of metal, rusty wrenches and other detritus  he found on the farm.

Then on another adventure, he used a tarp and some ingenuity to make a makeshift keel on his Zodiac after he hit some sharp rocks on the way down a class IV rapid on the Colorado river.

He has instilled in me my sense of adventure & I love him for it;  thanks Dad.