San Diego Is My Home

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5 thoughts on “San Diego Is My Home

  1. I know you say SD is your home but I see you more as a Nevada guy, but not really a Las Vegas guy.
    I see you as a Pimm or Henderson kinda guy, bent on putting his last nickel in the one armed bandit at the Arco or 76, easing down the road after a little of “daddy’s cough medicine.”
    Perhaps it is the years of watching you operate down TJ way, or the secrets your family has shared with me. Remember, people who can operate a mine in modern San Diego are not to be taken lightly.
    Embrace the wasteland that is Nevada my friend. I see you there for at least the next forty years.
    Oh, and get a digital camera. Didn’t you get the memo? They are just better.


  2. I will give you this Sir Milnor. I can see myself cozying up to the 70’s kitschy Southern Nevadan aesthetic that was so eloquently portrayed in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. But, I AM NOT A NEVADAN!!!!
    It takes a lot of “daddy’s cough medicine” to exist here. I always say, “Well, at least the mountain biking is good here”

    Like your Governator said “I’ll be back”


  3. Love the love song to San Diego, especially the picture of Sharon and Julie. But did you have to get me checking the authenticity of that old man’s kitchen-laundry-line-dried five dollar bill? Loved the kids, and your mom. Photogenic runs in yer family. Are the boys learning to take pictures too?


  4. Thanks Mary, BTW, that there is a “C” note you’re checking. I was a good moment, so sorry for the immortalization.
    I’m open to teaching the boys photography as long as they show an interest. I’m more afraid of forcing it upon them & just let natural curiosity take hold.


  5. Hey Eric, I love all the photos ! And the banter between you and Mr. Milnor. The picture of Mary is amusing as is the one of your son urinating ! But they’re all incredible and you took sweet photos of your kids.


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