Now This Man Can Shoot

One of the best daily life photographers working today. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Now This Man Can Shoot

  1. Yep, he can really shoot! I love the way he uses the light / shade to overexpose some of his subjects while leaving others exposed normally. I’d seen the ‘people in the mist’ photos before too but I didn’t realise that the mist came from fountains. I personally like his earlier b&w photography to his later colour work. Thanks Eric, great blog.



    1. Mike,

      I’m really happy you liked this post. Trent Parke’s work has been one of my favorites for a while now. I too prefer his earlier work to his current work, although, Christmas Bucket is pretty funny. By the way, if you are a collector of photo books as I am, if you ever see one of Parke’s books in the $100 range, leap on it. I think because of rarity, his books go for a premium. I would LOVE a copy of Dream Life, Just not for $2000
      Every time I look at his early work I’m reminded how unbelievebly important light is in a photograph.


  2. Thanks, Eric. Finding a copy of Dream Life in your Christmas stocking would sure be something. I love Trent’s enthusiasm. I found your blog via Daniel Milnor’s Smogranch. As you probably read, he said you are a screw head: a term of endearment for-sure. You sure enjoyed Tijuana!



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