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Tough Guy & Strong Arm

tough-guy-&-strong-arm.jpg Sometimes when Street shooting it can be dangerous. You’re just walking around, not minding your own business, and you run into a hardened criminal like this guy.

Tough guy, had a reputation for extreme violence. He  didn’t care that you had a camera, he just wanted it. And if you didn’t oblige him he would beat you down severely.  And then if that wasn’t enough, he’d  have his henchman,”Strong Arm” beat you some more with his deceptively strong homunculuan arm.

To get out of this fix, I just happened to have his favorite candy, a Twix bar.

He also let me leave with My camera. Thank god!

Time Traveler

Chicago 1998  copy 2Dive into it, and get close, but not too close.  Try to make a good picture.  Then keep walking.  As I walk, I try to conger the ghosts of Vivian Meier & Gary Winogrand and hopefully carry on a tradition I love.  I’ve loved being a time traveler.

Chicago is a great city to photograph in. I always loved coming here. It was a lot faster pace from where I grew up in San Diego.  I made this picture in a time before iPhones. I miss those days.

Daily carry

I live in Nevada. And in this state, when you hear someone say “it’s my daily carry” they’re talking about a handgun.

When I say “it’s my daily carry” I mean my wonderful Leica M4 black paint camera. It is my humble opinion that this camera is the best Leica M camera ever made.
It is so smooth and feels so good in the hand. There is nothing like it in the digital world (to my knowledge) and probably never will be.
So here’s to you Oskar Barnak, you made a real winner here.